Achieve more accurate and faster fraud data analytics results to enhance internal audit, compliance and investigation outcomes.

We help companies overcome all of the complexities that come with setting up an internal audit and compliance monitoring program. We collaborate with Internal Audit, Compliance and Corporate Legal Departments and Law Firms to support their investigations and data and analytics.


We strive to advance the forensic data analytics industry by providing comprehensive analytics automation solutions. This will allow for cost-efficient, data driven analytics results versus relying solely on human insight and reactive anonymous tips.


We believe that integrity and truth are the foundation of the most successful organizations. We also believe that internal audit and compliance data analytics are at the core of ensuring your organization is staying true to these principals. Our analytics precision offers the ability to accurately analyze massive amounts of structured and unstructured data to help Internal Audit and Compliance make sure that integrity and truth remain your core principals.

Rich Team Experience

We are team of data scientists and automation experts backed by over 100 years of experience and skill in the areas of forensic data analytics, forensic accounting, innovative scheme development and best in class automation software development. We have managed hundreds of forensic data analytics and software development projects, including some of the largest, most complex and costly investigations and audits the world has ever seen. To enhance this team, we are collaborating with some of the best fraud experts in a variety of industries and geographies around the world.

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Global fruad data analytics projects of combined expertise for our team



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